I'm on the Radio
I'm being interviewed on WTZQ AM in Hendersonville, NC on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007 at 4PM. Tune In!

XM Radio plays Cliff's songs
"The CD(Dreamers and Children) sounds wonderful with heartfelt lyrics. I really enjoyed the selections and really liked Life's a Mystery by its lyrical content and musical flavor. Cuts 1(Love Is Knowing You), 3(Life's A Mystery)and 6(Dad's Song) were my favorites and you will hear them on Channel 76 within the next few days."
Ben Smith, Program Director, Fine Tuning(XM 76)Feb. '07

Indie Launchpad features "It's Her Smile" in Podcast
"Just wanted to let you know that "It's Her Smile" is featured on the latest Indie Launchpad podcast #58. The link for the podcast is Podcast #58.
Colin Meeks,Editor at Indie Launchpad Mar.'07

Contact Talk Radio plays entire Dreamers and Children CD
"Congratulations - your music will now be heard on on various dates between the hours 9pm and 9 am. A ticker / banner rolls when your music is playing, identifying it to the listener when Winamp is used."
Kristen Stycket, Contact Talk Radio, "Consciousness in Action" Feb.'07


Terry Cole-Whittaker, Author and Lecturer
“Cliff Rubin will inspire, motivate and uplift your soul to attain glorious heights of love, joy and enthusiasm. Use his music as I do and I guarantee you will be blessed.”

Sound Connections Jan. '07 issue
“Cliff Rubin's performances have the power to incite the spirit of love…People are touched, changed and inspired in his concerts and take home with them the feeling that they are capable of more love, hope and joy then they ever allowed themselves to know."

Indie Launchpad Feb. '07 Review
“The album opens with "Love is Knowing You" and from the get go, you can't help but like it...It was like being part of some kind of healing process. ”

Terry McBride Author of "The Hell I Can't"
“Cliff Rubin has put to music concepts, ideas and truth that inspire the listener to believe in the miracle of life itself. The lyrics and melodies empower me and move me to a deeper feeling of trust, goodness and the glorious connection we have with each other. Where as one song suggests. "we become each others angles". Do yourself and what you care about a favor: listen to his music often.”